Individual, Couple and Family Therapy


Offering guidance and support to others is a true passion of mine.
My hope is you would also find our time together valuable and meaningful.
Please feel free to reach out to me anytime; I would welcome the opportunity to connect with you and begin this journey. 



You may be feeling burdened by one thing or many things; anxiety, depression, stress, fear, anger or confusion.  Perhaps unsure on what steps to take in your relationship, school or work.   Individual therapy provides the opportunity to explore yourself and these relationships in more depth. It allows us to push pass our comfort zones and grow in ways we thought not possible.  I would love for us to work together to seek the balance that you desire and give you the resources you need so you may breathe a little easier. 


Relationships can be beautiful, mysterious, painful and confusing. Couples can face many challenges throughout their relationships and when these go without repair or unaddressed it can lead to heartache, pain, and disconnect.  

It can feel so painful to be physically five inches from your loved one but feel five thousand miles apart. 

Together we will explore the patterns that perpetuate this disconnect and work to create a bond that yields the connection and love you so desire.


Play Therapy

As adults we sometimes have the expectation that children can or should verbally communicate their feelings, thoughts and experiences with words. However, many children are not able to do so and can find it very difficult to sit through a typical 50 minute “talk therapy” session. Play is a child’s natural way to communicate. Therefore, play therapy provides a safe, natural and comfortable avenue for children to articulate what is going on for them and a way to work through these struggles. As a play therapist we have specialized training to utilize a specific set of toys, games, art, or other activities of play to promote expression, creativity, exploration, mastery, empowerment, growth and facilitate healing.  

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a fast, effective approach to obtain relief and heal from trauma. If you have spent years in traditional "talk" therapy and still are suffering from disturbing memories, feelings, emotions, panic, and anxiety than EMDR might be for you. Maybe, this is the first time you have sought therapy and are interested in learning more about EMDR. EMDR has been proven to be highly effective in alleviating symptoms and easing distress for millions of people who have suffered from trauma, accidents, abuse, anxiety and numerous other difficulties. EMDR has been thoroughly researched and the efficacy and validity of it has been proven over and over again.  

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